Our professional vision is to enrich our communities through innovative programmes.

REAP fills gaps in mainstream education service provision by providing integrated and educational initiatives across Early Childhood, Schools and the Adult Education sectors.

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dotted-iconA professional training opportunity to learn about NZ's most effective communication tool.  Dots are proven to improve communication (at work and home!), relationships, productivity and work place dynamics.

  • Have you ever been accused of being a know it all?  Or just too clever for your own good?
  • Have you ever been described as being too picky or far too fussy?
  • Have you ever been told that you have no feelings?
  • Have you ever been accused of being too sensitive?

Through "Get Dotted" understand how and why we are all naturally different, and that through understanding and being aware of these differences will inevitably make you a better person, friend, parent, employer, colleague.

Join the "dots" revolution today and "Get Dotted".

"The programme provokes a journey of self discovery, helps you understand why you tick the way you do, why others around you tick the way they do and in turn allows people around you to discover who you are. It is through this channel that the ability to communicate effectively is made possible."
- David Dickson who brought "Get Dotted" to the World


9:30am - 4pm Tuesday 30 SEPTEMBER
morning tea, light-lunch and afternoon tea provided
Salvation Army auditorium, WINTON

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Community Classes

Southern REAP provides classes across Rural Southland, Fiordland and in the Wakatipu.

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Venue and Resource Hire

Southern REAP have Community Rooms available to hire, in both our Winton and Gore premises, to members of the community.


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 Please contact our reception if you require immediate information regarding facility and resource hire
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