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Venue and Resource Hire

Southern REAP have Community Rooms available to hire in both our Winton and Gore premises.

 Please contact our reception if you require immediate information regarding facility and resource hire
0800  111 117 or 03 236 6008



Our professional vision is to enrich our communities through innovative programmes.

REAP fills gaps in mainstream education service provision by providing integrated and educational initiatives across Early Childhood, Schools and the Adult Education sectors.

Nathan Mikaere Wallis is back in town...


We are delighted to have the very educational and insightful sessions on brain development by Nathan Mikaere-Wallis coming to the region in June.
Nathan will be in WakatipuNorthernCentral and Eastern Southland talking on Brain Development, Adolescent Decision Making, the Teenage Brain, 0 - 7 Years Child Development & Teenage Drug & Alcohol Consumption. 


Check out the class information in the regions nearest you for seminar times and dates.
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