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Providing supplementary and complimentary educational opportunities to rural schools to enhance high quality learning opportunities for our communities.

Our Early Childhood Team provides support and information across rural areas to groups, centres, parents and Tamariki to ensure accessible, quality learning experiences.

Support and information includes: professional development, parenting information and support, in-centre workshops, curriculum support, extensive resource library, early childhood directory, website...

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 Southern REAP... working together with S.K.I.P. providing

Strategies with Kids - Information for Parents.

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S.K.I.P. principles by visiting the S.K.I.P. website here.

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F4L - Foundations For Learning

F4L-smlFoundations for Learning (F4L) is a free service that supports families/whānau in the Mataura, Charlton, Kaiwera, Edendale, Wyndham and Fortrose Communities, with 3 to 4 year old children/tamariki who are not participating in centre or home-based early childhood education.
F4L coordinators help families/ whānau to engage their children/tamariki in early learning at home or at an ECE service of their choice.
The F4L programme supports children/tamariki and their families/whānau from 3 years old until 12 weeks after their enrolment at school.

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